Small Changes: How to Make a Gluten Free Diet Work for You

Cutting gluten from your diet is a big step. We’ve put together a few small changes and tips that can help break up the transition, and stop it seeming too intimidating a task.


1. Do your research

There are some brilliant resources available to help ease you into your gluten free diet. The NHS and Coeliac UK websites are great places to start, or ask your doctor for some reading material. Or if you’re more of a ~visual learner~, Delicious Alchemy has created a handy at-a-glance guide to help you work out which foods work, and which definitely don’t work, with your gluten free diet.

2. Put your health first

No matter how tempting that gluten-filled croissant/cupcake/sandwich looks, the havoc it might wreak on your gut is not worth it! Your health should always come first – that’s why it’s so important to stick as close to your gluten free diet as you possibly can. That being said…

3. Go easy on yourself

Adjusting to a gluten free diet is a big change, and you’re bound to slip up or be the victim of allergen contamination at some point. If this does occur, don’t rush your recovery and be kind to yourself while your gut returns to normal. Getting started on a gluten free diet can be a steep and daunting learning curve, but you’ll soon get to know your condition and what works for you.

4. Find some brilliant alternatives

Going gluten free doesn’t mean old favourites like bread and cakes are completely out of reach – you just have to find some fantastic alternatives! This is where we come in. Our mission is to make free from alternatives which are just as good as their gluten-containing equivalents. Check out our shop to find out more.

5. Stock up

Cooking for a restricted diet can require a bit more forward planning and thought. Though free from convenience foods are becoming more and more widely available, we’d still recommend becoming best friends with your freezer, and ensuring you always have a supply of speedy meals on hand to be reheated. This will make all the difference on those days where you just want something quick and simple – no messing.

6. Take advantage of deals

Everyone loves a bargain. Our last blog post explored why gluten free foods can be more expensive than those you find in the main aisle. Because staples like cereal and bread substitutes can cost more, we recommend keeping an eye out for deals and offers provided by gluten free manufacturers and retailers. Keep up to date with our latest offers by signing up to the Delicious Alchemy newsletter on our homepage.

7. Get involved

Fundraising for coeliac awareness, attending local Coeliac UK meetings, or simply connecting with other people following gluten free diets online – there are loads of ways to get involved in the thriving free from community. Gluten free doesn’t seem so nerve-wracking when you throw some new friends into the mix too. Which brings us neatly on to…

8. Get support

Don’t struggle on your own! It’s perfectly normal to have difficulty adjusting to your new diet, so don’t panic – your family and friends will be on hand to help. Sometimes, a spot of gluten free baking is just the thing to soothe the soul…

What small changes have you made to make gluten free work for you? We’d love to hear them! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram, or tweet us.

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