Our Top 10 Gluten Free Chocolate Recipes

July 12, 2021 3 min read

"It's #NationalChocolateDay! We’ll be the first to admit that there's no shortage of chocoholics here in the Delicious Alchemy office! And who doesn’t love a good old chocolate-y treat to brighten up your day - especially when it’s gluten free, safe to eat and 100% delicious. Here's our collection of favourite Gluten Free Chocolate Baking Recipes - some by us, and some by a few of our favourite bloggers too. We dare you to get through the whole list without having serious cravings!

1. Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies by Delicious Alchemy

A Delicious Alchemy classic and one you can’t go wrong with! Our Gluten and Dairy Free brownie mix is the base of this recipe - it makes it super quick and easy to rustle up a tasty tray of extra squidgy delights!

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies Recipe

2. Gluten Free Chocolate Crunchie Cake by Lauren Fitness

Lauren Fitness is one of our favourite YouTube and Instagram accounts to follow, and once you’ve tried this recipe you’ll see why! This delicious masterpiece was made using our very own Gluten Free Vanilla Sponge cake mix, and features chocolate, cake and honeycomb – we know you’ll love it!

Gluten Free Chocolate Crunchie Cake Recipe

3. Gluten Free Mississippi Mud Pie by Delicious Alchemy

The gooey chocolate sauce topping the crumbly chocolate base makes this Gluten Free Mississippi Mud Pie one of our all-time favourite desserts!

Gluten Free Mississippi Mud Pie Recipe

4. Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes by Feasting is Fun

We love how these cupcakes not only look stunning, they taste it too! If you want to keep it simple, swap out the Cherry Cocoa for normal cocoa powder for some scrummy chocolate cupcakes. 

Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes Recipe

5. Gluten Free Millionaires’ Flapjack by Delicious Alchemy

This Millionaires’ Flapjack is our own delicious twist on the classic Millionaires’ Shortbread. We replaced the classic shortbread base with our own Gluten Free Oats to create layers of oaty flapjack and gooey caramel all topped off with a layer of indulgent dark chocolate.

Gluten Free Millionaires’ Flapjack Recipe

6. Gluten Free Millionaire Cupcakes by Delicious Alchemy

We can’t get enough of the Millionaires' Chocolate theme, and that’s because it tastes just so good! This cupcakes are quick and easy to make - perfect as an afternoon teatime treat.

Gluten Free Millionaire Cupcakes Recipe

7. Gluten Free Black Forest Gâteau Cake Pops by Delicious Alchemy

Our Cake Pops recipe is designed to be fun and easy for both kids and adults to make! Made with our delicious Chocolate Brownie mix, we love to get creative with our cake pop decorating.

Gluten Free Black Forest Gâteau Cake Pops Recipe

8. Gluten Free Chocolate Beetroot Brownies by Glutarama

Adding beetroot to our scrummy Chocolate Brownie mix makes these treats extra moist and tasty, exactly the way we like them!

Gluten Free Chocolate Beetroot Brownies Recipe

9. Gluten Free Oat Fudge Cookies by Cakes by Noah

These may have been created as a Christmas chocolate-y treat, but we love tucking into them all year round! Eat warm and fresh from the oven.

Gluten Free Oat Fudge Cookies

10. Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Fudge by Delicious Alchemy

Our personal favourite: no-bake chocolate fudge! We think this makes a great gift for a friend (and for ourselves!)

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Fudge Recipe


Images by Delicious Alchemy, Feasting is Fun and Glutarama

  Our top tip: Most cocoa powder is gluten free, so you can easily adapt our Gluten Free Vanilla Sponge Mix to create a custom chocolate-y treat - so grab a pack and get creative! Can’t wait to try out some of the recommended dishes? Buy our Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Brownie Mix here.   Like our collection of chocolate-y recipes? Click here to Tweet it! "

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